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With 21 years of representing clients in divorce, child custody, guardianship arrangements, and adoptions, Carolyn McAlister is well equipped to handle whatever matters you need assistance with. Issues of family law can already be challenging to cope with personally, so there is no sense in exacerbating that challenge by trying to go it alone. By enlisting the help of a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi, you are ensuring that there will be no stone left unturned, and you can rest assured knowing that you have the best legal services available to you at your disposal.

At McAlister Law Firm, PLLC, we understand that family law matters can be incredibly emotionally tumultuous and stressful. Our firm is proud to offer comprehensive family law services to Gulfport, Mississippi. We have spent the last 21 years supporting individuals and families throughout some of the most pivotal and transitional times in their lives.

Our firm provides services ranging from representation in child support and custody to adoption and divorce proceedings. We are committed to advocating for our clients and have been pleased to witness success stories in some of the most tense situations.

How Can A Family Law Firm Help Me?

No matter what your legal situation may be, having an attorney at your disposal is the best step you can take to protect your rights. There are many situations that you can handle on your own, but that doesn’t mean you should or that you have to.

Even in an uncontested divorce, an attorney can ensure that your rights are protected and can provide you with a source of advocacy. When going through difficult divorce proceedings, your family lawyer can represent your best interests and put some healthy space between you and the other party.

In any family law matter, an attorney is a resource for you to rely on for expert insight and guidance. They are skilled in the many intricacies of family law and will come alongside you for all of your legal needs.

How Are Assets Divided In A Divorce In Gulfport, Mississippi?

The division of assets can be one of the most contentious periods of anyone’s divorce proceedings. When you are negotiating real estate, finances, and other belongings, it is natural for there to be tension and for emotions to run high. These negotiations aren’t just about things, they affect your life in very impactful ways.

Since 1994, the state of Mississippi has handled marital property concerns with a doctrine of equitable distribution. This is different from the community property doctrine which considers all marital assets to be the property of both spouses, regardless of when or how they were acquired.

This means that the marriage is viewed as a combination of efforts from both parties, where all efforts (whether those efforts are domestic, financial, etc.) are of equal value. In this case, the judge presiding over your case will be ultimately responsible for determining how your assets will be split and what an “equitable distribution” of property looks like in your specific case. Equitable is different from “equal” in that it attempts to achieve a more nuanced understanding of each person’s needs.

McAlister Law Firm, PLLC

When you are going through a family law matter, you need to feel confident that your attorney is someone you can trust and rely on. Our firm has spent over twenty years earning a respected reputation by demonstrating excellence in practice and compassionate client relationships.

If you are looking for a family lawyer, we hope that you would consider our practice. Don’t hesitate to contact our office in Gulfport, Mississippi for a free consultation today.

Divorce And Custody

Going through a divorce in the state of Mississippi can bring with it a host of challenges and setbacks. Regardless of the situation, unless it is an uncontested divorce, there is likely an arduous road ahead. From determining the dispersal of assets to child support and alimony, handling the situation without proper representation can spell disaster.

Battling for a child’s custody is a complex and drawn-out process if the matter could not be determined in previous mediation. If you are facing a litigation battle, contact a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi right away. At McAlister Law Firm, LLC, we will discuss the options available to you and advise you on how to make the impending process as painless as possible for everyone involved.

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Adoption And Guardianship

Each state has its guidelines and regulations for adoptions, making it imperative to hire an attorney when considering beginning the journey. Not only will it expedite the process, but it may even save you money down the road. With services ranging from legal adoption, termination of parental rights, or step and grandparent adoptions, McAlister Law Firm, LLC, is your one-stop shop for quality legal services that will be specifically tailored to your situation.

Termination Of Parental Rights

I represent individuals parents who are defending their parental rights in Termination of Parental Rights Cases, in both Youth Court, as well as Chancery Court. If you are a parent who is having difficulties with Child Protective Services, I can help you.

Step Parent And Grandparent Adoption

I represent families in the area of Adoption. If you are a grandparent, foster parent, relative, or friend, or just want to be a parent to a child, contact me, and I will gladly walk you through the intricate process of adoption.


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