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When looking for legal representation, it can be challenging to determine where to look. Anywhere you turn, it seems like endless firms are offering endless promises and guarantees. With so many options and so little firm information, it can quickly become overwhelming and may make a confusing situation needlessly complex. At McAlister Law Firm, LLC, you can rest assured that we will work diligently to accommodate you regardless of which legal services you seek. With over two decades of experience, we are ready and waiting to serve you.

Private Investigator

There are certain cases which require the services of a private investigator for investigations, and research. We have a great relationship with local investigators who we can refer you to in order to build your case.


In some cases, such as Immigration Cases, an interpreter is needed. If the client cannot provide an interpreter, we can provide one at an additional cost in order to better serve you.

Process Server

There are times that when you are filing a case against an individual or business that it may be difficult to find them. We can connect you with the best process server available in order that we can get your case moving forward.

McAlister Law Firm, LLC

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