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I began practicing in Mississippi in 2011. I have been barred in Mississippi to practice since 2000, but I practiced in Alabama prior. I practiced family law in Alabama for about five years, then I moved to Mississippi and became the regional manager of the Mississippi Center for Legal Services, where we primarily helped people with family law problems, whether it be divorce, child custody, termination of parental rights, etc.

Who Do You Want To Write This Book For Or What Do You Want Someone Who Picks Up This Book To Get From Reading These Pages?

I want to write this book for the everyday person to better understand the divorce process in the state of Mississippi and understand why it takes as long as it often does. This is because people are typically surprised that a divorce will take two to three years to complete. Many people think you can walk into court and get your divorce that day, but that is not how it works. I want people to know the difference between an uncontested divorce and a contested divorce. They’re two different animals, and they’re treated differently in Mississippi. Even though the divorce statutes are together, they’re treated differently by the court system. Many people think they could do an uncontested divorce by themselves. Still, unfortunately, if you have children and real property, it becomes a great deal more complex, and it’s always advisable to have an attorney with you.

When Someone Comes Into Your Office Or Calls You And They’re Considering, Or They’re Ready To File, What Kind Of Common Questions And Concerns They Have?

The questions new clients ask depend on the circumstances that the person is involved with. One of the first questions I’m always asked is the length of time they can expect. I always begin by explaining the difference between uncontested and contested divorces and explain the ramifications and time requirements of each. For example, suppose we should have to file for a contested divorce. In that case, that could take a year if we’re lucky, if we settle between ourselves, it could take less than a year, but many times, you’re looking at a year or two if there is a lot of property and there’s a child custody issue, and both parties want custody of the children.

Other issues are what is marital property and what is not marital property, what can I keep, and what do I have to give my spouse? That is often a complicated answer because you have to go through everything they have purchased during and before the marriage. And we need to know whose funds were used, like were these funds from an inheritance, from before the marriage, were they the goods used during the marriage? So, it’s a very complicated answer where you have to try to find out where everything came from and how it came to be before you can settle who gets it.

Another question that many people ask concerns child custody issues. Some of the main things that I hear about are custody, visitation rights of the other parent, child support, joint custody, and how various factors influence support costs. But, again, the questions can encompass a vast range because every individual who comes into my office has different problems, and their lives are different, so the answers will be completely different.

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