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As a matter of fact, if you refuse to take a Breathalyzer test or do a roadside test, your license can be automatically suspended for a period of time. It’s best to cooperate with the officer so that you do not have to go through that. It can be a great difficulty to get your license back. One option that we have, especially if you cooperate, is we can ask for a temporary license until we come to the final hearing, and that license will stay in effect usually 30 to 60 days and can be renewed upon motion with the court.

Can Someone Refuse To Take A Breathalyzer During An Official DUI Investigation At The Station In Mississippi? If You Do Refuse To Take It, What Will Happen To Your License?

If you refuse to take a Breathalyzer test, your license will be automatically suspended. Now, there are times that if you are taken back to the station, you can ask for a blood test instead; I’ve had several clients do that. The blood test can sometimes give a clearer picture than a Breathalyzer test as to the percentage of alcohol in your system.

Why Is It So Important To Work With An Experienced Mississippi DUI Attorney To Fight My Charges Versus Pleading Guilty To Get It Over With As Soon As Possible?

If you go into court by yourself and plead guilty, you are going to be sentenced by the judge. You are not going to have any real communication with the prosecutor that would allow you an opportunity to work out a deal. There are many instances involving first DUIs that we’ve been able to have them taken off the client’s record after a year. In some instances, we’ve even been able to lower the fines and penalties and restore certain driving privileges.

There are several different factors at work in those situations, so it’s helpful to have an attorney who has a relationship with the prosecutor. Let’s face it, the attorneys who are familiar with them, perhaps even went to college with them at some point, and who have a good relationship can work out a deal for you that will be more beneficial than just pleading guilty and being sentenced.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Criminal Cases That Your Firm Handles?

My firm mostly handles DUI and drug possession cases, though I have handled cases that have included attempted murder, murder, assault and battery, as well as burglary. I’ve handled cases from justice and municipal court all the way to the circuit court. I’ve also appealed criminal cases to the Supreme Court, so I am familiar with all ranges of criminal defense, but I am in court mostly on drug-related criminal acts.

Why Is It Important To Hire A DUI Attorney In Mississippi Who Has A Good Relationship With The Prosecutors And The Judges Of The Court That Will Be Hearing My Case?

It’s very important to get a DUI attorney who knows all the players, who knows the prosecutor, who knows the victim advocates, who knows the judge. If an attorney has a good relationship with these people, then there is some amount of trust built between them.

I’ve learned to be very frank and honest, and I pride myself on being known for that honesty with the prosecutors and the judge. Since I’ve built that reputation on honesty, they do work well with me; I am able to work out better deals for my clients, and I urge my clients to be completely honest because they will always be found out when they’re lying.

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