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What is the definition of simple assault in Mississippi?

According to MS Code § 97-3-7, one can be charged with simple assault under the following circumstances:

  1. a person attempts to cause or causes bodily injury to another person, purposely, knowingly, or recklessly.
  2. A person negligently causes bodily harm to another person with a deadly weapon or other means likely to produce death or serious bodily harm.
  3. A person attempts by physical menace to put another person in fear of imminent serious bodily harm

If convicted of simple assault, a person can face punishment of a fine not more than $500 or by imprisonment in county jail for up to six months or both. In order to be considered simple assault, any injuries sustained must be minor injuries. Some examples of simple assault are pushing someone during an argument, verbally threatening someone with violence, or raising a fist at someone when angry.

If one is convicted of simple assault upon anyone in the following groups, the punishment could increase to a fine up to $1000 or imprisonment in county jail up to five years, or both.

  • Elected officials
  • Law enforcement, corrections officers, and firefighters
  • Emergency medical personnel
  • Social workers or other workers employed by the Human Services Department
  • Public school teachers or administrators
  • Judges
  • People who are over the age of 64 years who are incapacitated or disabled

If you have questions about simple assault, you should consult with an experienced Simple Assault Lawyer. The lawyers at McAlister Law Firm, LLC will be there to answer all your questions. If you are located in or near Gulfport, Mississippi, call (228) 300-4433 for a consultation.

What is simple domestic assault?

When a person is the perpetrator of simple assault against a current or former spouse or that person’s child, this is domestic violence. Domestic violence can also be the simple assault of a romantic partner who lives or lived as a spouse with the defendant or of the child of that person. The umbrella of domestic violence also covers the simple assault of persons related by blood to the defendant, a person who has dated or is currently dating the defendant, and a person with whom the defendant has had a biological or adopted child. If the domestic violence happens in the presence of a child who is under 16 years old, the defendant could face harsher punishment.

If you are searching for Simple Domestic Assault Lawyers Near Me, look no further than the experienced team of McAlister Law Firm, LLC. An experienced Simple Sexual Assault Lawyer can guide you through the legal process to represent your best interests. If you are located in or near Gulfport, Mississippi, call (228) 300-4433 for a consultation.

In Mississippi, simple assault has many factors that can worsen the penalties incurred. If any number of those factors are triggered, the consequences rise steeply from a possible $500 fine and up to six months in jail to up to 20 years and a much heftier fine. In these cases, contacting a Mississippi Criminal Defense Lawyer is imperative because litigation will almost certainly be necessary. By proving intent, discrimination, or extent of injury, the charges can be significantly swung either in your favor or not.

Simple assault occurs under many circumstances and does not even necessarily require physical contact or injury to be charged. However, there are common defenses for simple assault. With over 20 years of experience in the courtroom, Carolyn McAlister is ready to represent you and provide the expertise necessary to sway the situation in your favor.

Self-defense is a common defense of simple assault, and if proven, it can help your case tremendously. In order for this to be effective, though, you will need an attorney with in-depth knowledge of the state laws and all of the classifications of self-defense and simple assault. Contact McAlister Law Firm, LLC, today to set up a free consultation and discuss the details of your case.

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